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>> christmas in our house. slim and next year maybe worse. >> my daughter failed to inform me of her latest boyfriend. she is 22 years of age and college educate so i will keep her on the nice list. >> "fox and friends" is ready to start. have a great day, everyone. >> gretchen: today is november twenth. i hope you have a fantastic day. i am gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. republican septemberors get a sit down with susan rice. can you believe this? why she called the meeting. we are live in washington d.c. >> meanwhile was he poisoned? a controversial leader of our time. his body exhumed from his grave. we'll tell you about that guy.
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yasser. >> brian: honey where is the car? texting their way out of the parking lot. is it men? another gender battle or women. results are in. "fox and friends" starsts - starts right now. ♪ >> gretchen: why do we talk about the studies? why do we spend money on the studies? >> brian: i actually. >> gretchen: who cares who gets out of the parking lot better? >> brian: i will say this, i can never find my car in the garage. i swear it is the third level. >> gretchen: we know the answer is? >> brian: i am good in a lot but not garage. >> gretchen: i was going to say my husband. >> steve: yesterday, my wife and i went to the mall and i made the observation and we
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parked the car we are by the second s in sears. >> gretchen: you are one guy. you are the one guy. >> steve: i could be. study is coming up in a minute. >> brian: you are one of the street level guys >> chris: subteryuan. >> you know what is going to happen 9:30 eastern time this is an mazing. ambassador susan rice will face biggest critics on capitol hill face to face. meeting with senator graham and john mccain and our own kelley wright live with more. kelley, this is an amazing development. it is my understanding that she requested the development. >> she did. they talked about since they were did that they were honored to meet with her. susan rice is the front runner
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for being nominated as the new secretary of state . that could be the reason why. if so she would need to be confirmed by lawmakers. republicans are outraged over the comments rice made in the u.s. consulate in benghazi. that could be problematic. >> initially it was a spontanous reaction to what transspired in carey as a consequence of the video. >> that explanation continues to dodge rice. senator mccain said rice failed to get the facts straight. >> don't we all have a responsibility before we go out and talk to the american people and all five sunday morning shows for verifying that the facts were true. there is classified information that she had access to that contradicted that. and said al-qaida was decimated along with bin laden being killed.
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al-qaida is not decimated but roaring back in most parts of the middle east. >> the republicans senators mccain and ayotte will drill down and find out what happened and critics are tough on rice. but the white house is continuing to show strong support. >> ambassador rice has done an excellent job at the united nations and highly qualified for any number of positions in the foreign policy arena and i will leave it at that. >> today's meeting place between ambassador rice and her staunchest critics on capitol hill. after his reelection president obama took exception to republican senators critical of rice saying if they want to come after anyone they should come after me. >> gretchen: we remember that.
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why is no one talking about susan rice, she went out on the talk shows and got the talking points from the white house and said what they wanted her to say. >> brian: she said the intelligence. >> gretchen: that's why she would be secretary of state. she did what she was asked to do and did it well and it worked with the electorate you could argue and now she will be secretary of state. what is going to stop it? >> steve: not necessarily. senate aides. administration is having her sell herself up on capitol hill today and what she is doing, she is appealing to the moderates, in particular republicans from georgia and tennessee. they are trying to figure out whether or not she can win the moderates over and avoid an embarrassment. >> brian: she played it
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definitely. senator mccane doesn't believe it. she didn't attack john mccain and said i respect john mccain for his service and i look forward to talking to him and explaining my side of the story. how could senator mccain go i don't want to talk to her . senator graham said i i can't give my time? she is a scholar and see if she can win them over. i don't think that john kerry is really on everyone's a list anyway and they might be saying are we better off as a nation. >> gretchen: y are right. she is putting those top three republicans in a box in the meeting today. it will be difficult for them to come out now and criticize her, she is the one who offered the olive branch to come and have the meeting with them.
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it is nothing to do with whether or not she should be secretary of state. but the optics of this and work in her favor in a huge way today. >> steve: generally before somebody is nominated for a big job they go talk to the opposite party. it could be an explanation of why she would being up to capitol hill with mike morell. i said that because this guy's department told me to say that? >> brian: we know the cia's director said someone edited my talking points. it is more than just her side of the story. >> we would be well served to have one group of senators from all of the relative committees interview the witness and dod and department of state and cia should be interviewed so we can get the same story and compare notes.
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stove pipe approach is not the right way to go. remember there are a number of susan rice's critics say her record is not that great. look at the inauction of the united states in the regard to syria. >> gretchen: it would be interesting to look at the votes. maybe we could ask the brown room. i bet she has the votes. >> brian: don't say brain room do this. and go on line and make the request like everybody else. none of the short cuts. >> gretchen: we should say that the brain room are the intelligent people who work here in fox news and do research. >> brian: you can expedite the request. >> steve: hope they're watching our channel. >> gretchen: in the meantime yasser arafat poisoned. palestinian authorities think so . so why you were sleepping they
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open up the grave and took samples of his remain under the cover of few sheets. there is persistant speculation in the last eight years that israel poisoned the 75 year old leadership . israel denies the claim. spoonful of medicine washed down by grapefruit juice could kill you . the list is growing from 17 to 43. on it lipitor. the problem chemical in grapefruit that messes up how your body breaks down drugs. it could basically cause a drug overdose. >> record powerball jackpot could get bigger. there is a frenzy of ticket sales since sunday and lottery officials are boosting the jackpot to make the decision today.
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the drawing, whew. i have time to buy a ticket is ternal night. >> astronaut mark kelley's twin brother will attempt the longest space flight. kelley is set to spend a year on the international space station. the mission to look at how long periods of time in space affect the body. i guess a year will do that. both men spent six monthses in the space station. >> brian: i hope it is a compatable cosmonaught. >> gretchen: maybe he speaks russian. >> steve: and talking about the fiscal cliff. the private talks are accelerating. and the president of the united states called mr. boehner and mr. reid over the weekend. it looks like the president is going to continue the push and
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meet with the ceo's tomorrow. they upon meet with irskin bowles. he was the co-chair of simpson-bowles commission . mr. bowles had a great plan. he is a democrat, that offered up 800 billion in new revenue and overhaul the tax system and changes to medicare and that's why the republicans are asking the democrats to come in and explain your deal. this plan was hatched in 2010 and everyone walked away from it and now they call bowles back up? it is late. this is what the american people are upset about. nothing gets done. >> steve: we are a month from the cliff. >> gretchen: we could have avoided the cliff if they used
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the plan as a starting point. americans are upset nothing gets done. >> brian: norquist is the bad guy. you should walk away from grover norquest. he said you have enough money on capitol hill and stop asking us . he's been a watch dog on our money so whether you are democrat or republican you should salute him. he warned you in the past that people who walked away from the no new taxes paid a price. >> remember the gang of 6. three of the people that you mentioned spent eight months in the room with democrats, pretending to negotiate tax increases for entitlement reform . after a while coburn had to admit they were offered nothing but tax increases. the president's budget is tax increases and president's
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negotiation is nothing but tax increases. >> gretchen: republicans need to hire good pr firms to get the message out. you will not go for tax increases unless the democrats go for cuts. >> brian: the president may not have control of his caucus. secret police files using as confetti in the macy's thanksgiving pallad. we will show share how it happened. >> steve: want to see where our economy is going. look back to 1937 and franklin roosevelt and stewart varney will explain how history could repeat himself as he enters studio e. good morning to you, stewart. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> you want to see where our economy is really going? financial analyst say look no further than the 1930s. we may take a trip back to the days when roosevelts election derailed from the depression. >> gretchen: stewart varney went back to the 30s and fast forward here. >> not just me. first year of fdr's second term was 1937 and it was a terrible year for the economy. dow jones industrial was cut in half . unemployment 15 percent and it was a depression within the big depression of the 1930s. is the parallels between then and now. fdr raised taxings. president obama is going to raise taxes. many of the big themed policies of the first term of
3:18 am
fdr were implemented in the second term. same with president obama and think obama care and financial reform . attacking wall street as the villian. president roosevelt did that . wall street was the villians and shades of that exactly. 2013 president obama wall street is the villiage and then the rearrangement of society. fdr tried to do it. and president obama is doing it and run away government spending. parallels are there and hope it doesn't work out like it did then. >> we want all americans back to work. and back in the 30s industrial plummeted 34 percent in the first year of the second term. >> that is a depression in and of itself . set in the overall depression of the 1930s. 1937 was a catastrophic year. >> steve: how did thereat look
3:19 am
some >> not much better. what bailed america and the world out of the depression was the second world war. >> gretchen: exactly. how did you get out of the mess in the 30s. we don't want to predict that. >> steve: we are just getting out of two of them. >> i think the bottom line here is fdr's policiless did not get america out of the great depression, will president obama's policiless get us out of the great recession that started in 07 and 08, that's the question. >> steve: fdr got reelected a third time and that is not presidencypossible. >> that will not happen this time. >> steve: you will see that guy there in the baby blue tie stewart varney talking about business and politics. >> thank you very much. >> gretchen: coming up on "fox and friends", the president personally promised her wake in the hurricane sandy.
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>> headlines for you now. greece about to enter the sixth year of recession. what is the solution? more bailout money. they struck a deal that keeps it from defaulting on the
3:24 am
debt. staffer taking the blame for using shredding documents in macy's thanksgiving day parade. parade goers noticed that falling pieces of paper had social security numberos them and confidential information regarding mitt romney's motorcade when he came to long island. >> brian: president made a promise in the wake of hurricane sandy. >> my message to the federal government, no bureaucracy and red tape. get resources where they are needed fast as possible and hard as possible and for the duration because the recovery process in new jersey is going to take a significant amount of time. we are standing behind you and will do everything we can to help you get back on your feet. >> brian: no one felt more comforted than donna whose emotional embrace with the
3:25 am
president was caught on camera. now donna feels snubbed it is weeks since the storm hit and business is worse and hope is dashed. donna, what do you remember about the moment with the president? >> i was excited and felt barmed by the embrace thinking that this is really going to happen and he promised i would get the help . it is a month now and i have no help and nothing but no, you are not covered for this or that. and it is because of the way the storm hit and water rising that i am not covered for any contents in the entire business. >> you have insurance but not for water coming up but rain coming down and you can't reopen. you can get a loan at six percent which doesn't make financial sense. >> i couldn't afford to pay
3:26 am
the monthly payments. >> brian: this is because you are applying as a business owner. >> correct. >> brian: how does that relate back to the president and that embrace. >> it is confusing. i didn't expect that. i expected when i was introduced to the director of fema and the president told me to get help. i thought i was getting help from fema itself and not that i would have to get a loan. it greatly affected people. >> brian: in what way. >> my fam depam and employees and we don't have content and all of the diagnostick that mike use to test the boats there. is another piece of equipment. >> brian: how long have you been in the marina accident. >> >> 1996. has anything like this ever
3:27 am
come close to happening? >> i never had water inside of the store and it was chest deep in the garage. we moved things up. you know, comparing to other storms that we had to save things and it didn't work. >> brian: have you figured out how much damage you encured. >> i would say half million in loss says. >> brian: so as people in the government watching right now. if they want to help you heart in the right place. what do you need? >> i need docks and bulk head. without that, i have no business and the docks werely taken out and bulk head is caving in and no one can get insurance for that. >> brian: how do you feel that that day that the picture was world wide news with the president then and how do you feel about it now? >> in the beginning. i didn't realize how viral it went until i got phone calls
3:28 am
from friends in china saying i on the news and in vietnam people that i know saying you are on the news right now and australia and all over the world and then i went and googled it. i went and i am eight pages into the google and now i am sitting here, with no help still, so it is like fus traiting that that picture is out there for me right now. >> brian: message out there that the president is caring but you are twisting in the wind. donna i hope people will take action for the business owners who are devastated and trying to stand on their own. >> thank you. >> brian: next on the run down super storm sandy, so many pets were left homeless and honey where is the car? one gender is better at
3:29 am
finding their way out of the a parked parking lot. men or women or a third gender? >> and happy birthday to samantha harris. little stand offish in that shot. ♪ ♪ you can always measure the growth of your children by the way they clean themselves in the bathroom. try charmin ultra strong. with a new duraclean texture, charmin ultra strong helps you get clean. plus it's four times stronger than the leading value brand. and you can use up to four times less. good news for even the biggest kids in the family. we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong?
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♪ >> it looks like hostess is going to close down. last-ditch medation effort famed. it was easier to get a truce between hamas and israel between the people who make dingdongs and hohos. they can work it out. >> gretchen: it is more complicated than dingdongs and ho, hos. >> steve: it is indeed. the president of the united states ran for reelection. he would like to balance the budget by getting rid of george bush era tax cuts for the wealthy. >> brian: that would do that. >> steve: look at that brian kilmeade. we have the graphicings.
3:34 am
>> along how quick they respond. >> steve: if the bush era tax cuts expire. the federal government would receive be of billion in 10 years. one year. that would fund the federal government 8 and half days. what is stunning about that, the president of the united states ran the campaign that that would solve our problems for nine days. mr. president what do we do for the other days. >> gretchen: this is why it worked in the campaign. pay your fair share, tax the rich and all of those messages, apparently worked. but when you look at the math, it doesn't add up, folks. you know how long it takes to pay down the debt by getting
3:35 am
rid of bush tax cuts. 194 yearings. >> brian: you saw that ahead of time. you didn't say that in your head. that's what bill bill kristol said. give it to him. the minute that is out there and nothing changes in the economy. and when the clinton rates went up to 39 percent, the economy slowed down. when they see there is no change in the economy, people will realize it is a tropy and tag line and no substance there. however, if in the end he wants to up capitol gains tax and other types of taxes, you realize it is more comprehensive and the first step in a tax magedon come to a rich guy near you. >> you take him at his word and say we'll let it expire for the richest folks. eight and half days. something to chew on >> headlines for you on tuesday
3:36 am
morning. largest peanut processer is shut down after a salmonella outbreak that made 41 people sick. there is new safety law and closed the plant in new mexico and plann to reopen today until the fda sussended their license. they will have a hearing to prove that the plant is clean enough to reopen. remember this guy? look at steve doocy. he triggered a controversy last year when he called the state's christmas tree a holiday tree. bahumbug. hises office called. and guess what, he's at it again. he's pulling the plug on the christmas tree lighting ceremony. there is speculation that he cancelled the event to avoid
3:37 am
more controversy. >> gretchen: why don't they call it what it is. andy reed. and philadelphia could not hold the lead and in the end carolina panters won 3022. and coach reed will not resign because that is a cop out. many say his firing is inevitable. >> steve: she's a long way from the west wing. remember this? >> mr. president you said we have to attack her tonight right now. >> no. >> steve: no, nothing like that. alison chany's house is in foreclosure. she bought the palm spring place back in 2006 and four years later put it up for sale for five and half million and marketed by the bank for 2.25 million dollars. a beautiful pool.
3:38 am
that's too bad. >> gretchen: we have all been there. after the scioning. here's the story. we walk out to the parking lot and we can't find our car. who is better at finding it? men or women? according to a new study. all right guys, it is men. all right. ted is clap nothing the background. men use distance to get their bearing better at estimating the distance to the car. more women use landmarkings. >> brian:ip am sorry i thought you were done. >> this could make the women fell better. they both admit harder to find it >> brian: getting a rental car and going to the parking garage and have no idea what it is like. >> steve: it is gray. or was is red. >> brian: you hit the button. >> gretchen: you can do that. >> brian: if you are on the
3:39 am
wrong level it is a problem. >> steve: that is a game changer. looks like it could snow here in new york city. maria molina, there is a storm behind you. >> that's right. we are tracking another storm system that is pretty large in this portion of northeast and new england and portions of louisiana and texas. we don't have to deal with the snow. we are dealing with rain and thunderstorms. that could cause travel delays. heading northbound, temperatures are holding . some of the precipitation is coming down in the form of snow and we'll see that in the state of ohio and pennsylvania and stretching in portions of massachusetts and connecticut. new york city we will see a mix out here. coastal areas and switch it over to snow and sleet as well we are looking at it here. not too much accumulation . as we head westbound, we have
3:40 am
winter weather advisoris and southeast portions of pennsylvania and down in west virginia. we are expecting accumulation of two-four inches and it is a quick mover. we expect it to be out of the northeast this evening and by 3:00 p.m. tuesday. we'll be dealing with sleet and snow . connecticut and massachusetts and look at 9:00 p.m. tuesday. most areas are dry. we'll see dryer air pushing behind the storm system and quiet in the morning here on tuesday- thursday. it is firing nup upstate new york in wednesday and thursday. behind the storm. 20 right now in chicago and 20 in kansas city . currently in the teens. in denver and rapid city and minneapolis. bundle up here and 42 in new york city. high temperatures this afternoon. not warming up a lot in new york. 40 and 30 in cleveland and
3:41 am
chicago and minneapolis. guys. >> all right. you can't avoid the winter. >> gretchen: every year millions of potes enter the shelter. pet smart is teaming up with animal and rescue organizations to help the pets find the home. >> brian: joining us is the executive director the pet smart charity. sue dela who do you have? >> danny is from earth angel. >> brian: what happened? >> he was found on the street and have been in's foster home for about a week. tell us about danny. who would make a great home. >> he is a westy mix and small dog and easy to care for and mellow and sweet. >> gretchen: there is somebody named princess. >> brian: come on out. come on, princess.
3:42 am
reluctant. >> this is cute. >> gretchen: princess is so cute and cuddly and white and fluffy. >> brian: this is a terrier. we have a mix . do we know where you found him? >> he was not wanted by a person that was living in manhattan and she couldn't keep her and she was malnourish we took her over and she put on eight pounds in two weeks. >> brian: sounds like steve on the holidays. >> gretchen: what is the other dog before we get on the kitty. >> brian: keith does not want to be on camera. >> this is -- >> brian: we have have a microphone. >> i will wrap dogs then. you want to take jay. >> brian: you could help out and not just read notes for
3:43 am
the next segment. >> jay was found in the street by a family who could not keep them because they live in the projects and not allowed over a 20 pound dog. he is wonderful and excellent but had a bad rap right now and they are most wonderful dogings. >> brian: he's deal a hair ball. and tell me about these cats. >> they are from city critters and up for adoption on pet smart store on broadway. one of them was turned in by an owner due to hurricane sandy. >> brian: where do we go to find out more. >> go to pet smart charity.organd the websites for adoptable pets. >> gretchen: we'll have all of that information on "fox and friends". >> brian: we'll find out what
3:44 am
happened to gretchen on that segment. he didn't like what they had to say and trying to kill a prominent tv anchor. and medical ateam tried it and stayed up all night. what kind of wine? >> gretchen: we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> hi, welcome to your headlines. it turns out the taliban tried to kill a prominent pakistani journalist by putting a bomburped his car. they didn't like how he covered the shooting of a 15 year old girl. and thanks to a lid off of a cooler. a boat was sink he didn't have time to get to the life jacket. he clungg to the cooler lead seven hours . what was in the cooler . go upstairs.
3:48 am
to member who went to college we'll go upstairs. >> what an intro. >> steve: i think he's talking about the judge went to a couple of colleges or maybe 3. police cannot walk in your house without a warrant. but the line on the internet is blurred. this week the senate must debate what rules the government must follow if they watch a private citizen on line. joining us is judge napolitano. what do you think? >> the american people should know, that their elected representatives in the senate are deciding to allow the government run by barack obama to capture every key stroke on the blackberry or iphone. most people are unaware that they are considering i have a
3:49 am
right to privacy. what business is it of the government to type in my commuter. >> at work your employer is entitled. but at home they would be able to look in the private e-mail or brian or gretchen. >> the constitution said you have a right to be left alone f. they want your banking recordds or in your basement they have to go to the judge and get a search warrant that is to protect the right to privacy. the senate is considering alowwing the government to capture every key stroke and without a warrant just on a whim and phishing expedition. that changes law enforcement to average americans. >> steve: judge, that is the wrong direction. >> it is wrong that the senate should consider fourth amendment worked well 230 years and can work well for
3:50 am
another 230 years if the government doesn't tinker with it. >> steve: we'll see what the senate does. >> no predictions. but the people should tell their senators not to do this. thank you. stevie. how long did it take them to graduate. >> steve: 10 minutes until the top of the hour. think red wine before bed is okay. the judge and i think so. think again, medical a-team is here with surprising food and drinks that are stealing your sleep. the doctor is in next. has oats r cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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3:54 am
>> gretchen: turns out how you sleep is connected to how and what you drink before bed. what helps and what hurts? the doctor from the a-team is here to help us out and we are starting with wine, good or bad? >> it is great during the day but before you go to sleep don't drink it it is alcohol and make you go to the bathroom a lompt i would stop two or three hours before planning to go to bed. >> drink during the day? obviously hamburger with bacon and cheese not the best. >> it is bulky and stretches your stomach and replux is one of the reasons that people are not getting sleep. acid starts to come up fatty part is affecting you and stay away from having such a big dinner before going to bed. >> and obviously red bull anything with caffeine.
3:55 am
you should not drink that. but dark chocolate. i thought there was great qualities. >> you are right. dark chocolate is great for your health and antioxidants and this one has cafeep and just like the rest of them will keep you up and stum. currie and spice yeto basco. these things would upset your stomach. >> it increases your acidity and not good for you. good thing. what you eat. turkey why? >> turkey as you know has triptophan and put you in a nice healthy slep. it is good for your sleep. milk is the same way. milk. old wives tale little milk before going to bed is true. it has trip to phan and like turkey. it is great for going for a nice nap.
3:56 am
>> potassium and good for leg cramps and also good for rest. >> potassium has a lot of -- banana has that. and it is muscle reluxuriant and great way to go to sleepp and healthy also and good for you. my favorite is this one. cherries. this has mela tonian and it is another component that you need to take a beautiful quiet nice nap. >> fiber and speaking of going to the bathroom this is before you go to bid. >> it does the work while you are sleep mix of milk and this fiber works well for you. >> and camomillle tee. >> get your 7 hours. >> and i got a lot because of turkey. >> and casey anthony evidence
3:57 am
missed. her own lawyer was shocked . one of the stars was two and half men said don't watch the show. will you love this guy or not like him after don't miss it. ♪
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3:59 am
4:00 am
shear what else is coming up, it's the moment they've been asking for, republican senators get a sit down with susan rice because she called the meeting. senator mccain reacts moments away. >> brian: key evidence in the casey anthony trial missed. even her on lawyer was stunned. jose baez here live. >> steve: drop and give me 12. cops make a group of teen-ager vandals alleged do pushups and now people are freak out saying
4:01 am
it's not right. we're going to tell you the complete story, see if you think it's right or wrong. "fox & friends" hour two for tuesday starts right now. >> brian: a little snow is coming. >> gretchen: oh, no! seriously? >> brian: an inch or two, maybe. what planet are you on? >> steve: it's that period between thanksgiving and christmas. if it was a foot, i'd be horrified. but it's just a little taste of winter. >> gretchen: you know what? i'm with you, steve. i am so much into the christmas spirit this year, i told my husband last night that every day i'm -- i love look at the lights. look at that. let's all northbound a great mood as we move forward to christmas time this year. >> steve: look at that, our christmas trees match our zipper around the building. >> brian: that's intentional. >> gretchen: was that planned?
4:02 am
>> steve: don't know. >> brian: it was a good idea. the president and republican congressional leaders will meet with several ceo's to brain storm how to avoid falling off that fiscal cliff. doug is joining us live from washington with the latest. are we going over the cliff or is this a slope? >> it's that thelma and louise moment. yeah. just over a month to go before we reach the cliff, if it gets that far. these are obviously the key players in all this, president obama and congressional leaders from both parties. they're not the only players and both sides are now look for input from the business community as to what should really happen here as get closer and closer to the cliff. from the president today, we're going to see the start of just an all-out pr blitz to raise taxes. he meets with small business owners today, tomorrow it's ceo's that will pay higher taxes. while the white house says he's seeking vicious his mind appears to be made up.
4:03 am
>> he's made that clear, i've made that clear. others made it clear and that is a firm position. the reason noor is very practical, because you can't -- math tells us that you can't get the kind of balanced approach that you need without having rates be part of the equation. >> the republicans now say they are open to compromise. willing to consider increased tax revenue, but they think it should come from limiting deductions on wealthier americans, leaving tax rates where they are. >> republicans stepped out of our comfort zone. we've been clear about what we'll do and what we won't. yet, we remain at an impasse. leading us to ask why? >> republicans on the hill, meantime, are going to meet with erskine bowles, former clinton administration official who served as the co-chair of the
4:04 am
president's debt commission, remember that in 2010. he was pushing for systemic tax reform and tackling entitlements that is going to be a tough sell with many democrats. steve, gretchen and brian, back to you. >> steve: all right. we thank you very much. also up on capitol hill later today, susan rice, who made those controversial comments shortly after the benghazi attack where she said it was all spontaneous. it was because of that video, she's going to meet with the three u.s. senators and because they have all come out and said look, she's a problem. she should not be secretary of state. she's going to meet with all three of them today trying to sell herself and right next to her, the guy who heads up currently the c.i.a. so any time she says, i got it from the intel committee headed up by that guy, mr. morell, he's going to tell the senators what really happened. >> gretchen: the headline here is that she called for this meeting with the three biggest
4:05 am
critics of her supposedly trying to become secretary of state. >> steve: 'cause she's in trouble. >> gretchen: yeah, but this is a very smart move by susan rice because i think it puts these three senators who have been critical of her, although they came off of criticism of her on the sunday talk shows, not really sure why, now she asked for this meeting. it's going to be interesting to see what they say coming out of this meeting. are they still going to be as critical. they seem to have lessened their criticism even premeeting of susan rice. >> brian: i think they're saying this, we know if you say you got those talking points, fine. but what kind of potential secretary of state would take unclassified talking points, take them as gospel and go, this is where we stand and say you got the intel community, this was the intel gave you. when we heard a week ago from the former c.i.a. director who said i thought it was al-qaeda within 24 hours.
4:06 am
it was edited out. they said, oh, those, i touched it, essentially politics enters in. if she says i went by this paper, what kind secretary of state goes by this paper and doesn't use all her plethora of contacts to find out what the real story is? >> steve: exactly. keep in mind, in addition to the unclassified talking points she works also had access to the classified. so she knew it really was happening. bill o'reilly was talking to john mccain about this last night and here is a little of their conversation. >> is she a dishonest woman, senator? is she dishonest? did she go out there knowing what she said was false and say it anyway? that's the crux of this matter. >> i don't think it was a matter of dishonesty. it was a matter, again, of responsibility. there was plenty of information out there, which she has access to, which contradicted what she said. if you're telling the american people, speaking for the white house, it was the white house that sent her out, off responsibility to make sure that those facts are accurate.
4:07 am
>> steve: in addition to those three u.s. senators who we mentioned, what they're also trying to do, according to a senior senate aide, is sound out the moderate republicans to find out whether susan rice would be okay for them because they would like to avoid any sort of embarrassment if there is going to be a big fight over her. >> gretchen: everyone will be watching the lead from mccain, graham, and ayotte because they have been the most critical of susan rice. that's why this meet something so paramount today, because if they come out of this meeting and they suddenly seem to be a little bit even more in favor of her, well, we'll consider looking at her, other republicans will probably look to them because they were the most critical. and they'll think well, if they're okay with her nomination now, i have no idea what they're going to say after the meeting. maybe they're going to change their minds out again. >> brian: the intel community doesn't like being thrown under the bus. they are, by this potential secretary of state. what kind of relationship, the intel community going to have
4:08 am
with this potential secretary of state if they thank is how she got the job, by saying i just read what they gave me? >> gretchen: what's also interesting is that hillary clinton did not go out on the sunday talk shows to talk about it, even though she is the secretary of state. wouldn't it be ironic that the woman who did go out and talk about it ends up becoming the secretary of state. now the rest of your headlines. was yasser arafat poisoned? palestinian authorities think so, so they opened up his grave and took samples. it started before dawn under the cover of huge sheets. a few hours later, his grave was closed back up. there has been persistent speculation in the arab world for the last eight years that israel poisoned the 75-year-old leader. israel denies that claim. medicine washed down with grapefruit juice can kill you. drugs to watch out for, growing
4:09 am
from 17 medicines that react badly to grapefruit. now it's up to 43. on it, the drug known by lipitor, i heard this from friends. there's a chemical in the grapefruit that messes up how your body breaks down these drugs by preventing the breakdown, the chemical can cause a drug overdose. two men sentenced for their roles in a gun smuggling ring tied to the government's botched fast and furious operation. one will spend 3 1/2 years behind bars and another, nine years. those illegally purchased weapons and smuggled them into mexico to give to members of drug cartels. operation fast and furious was exposed after two guns were found at the scene of the deadly shooting of border agent brian terry. he's biting the hand that fed him millions. an gus jones who plays jake on "two and a half men" is telling people now to not watch his show because it's filthy.
4:10 am
>> "two and a half men," if you watch "two and a half men," please don't watch it. i'm on "two and a half men." i don't want to be on it. please stop watching it. please stop filling your head with filth. >> gretchen: wow. the 19-year-old talked about his religious awakening in the video and said no god fearing person could be on a tv show like that. he says he wants to be fired, but he still is cashing his weekly check of $350,000. interesting back story here, guys, apparently he allegedly had a drug issue and then found religion and now he doesn't like the message of this show. you got to love people who stand up for their conviction. >> brian: right. while he cashed the check annually, it's easy to stand up -- >> gretchen: he wants to be fired now. >> brian: this is the last year of the series! he's gog have residuals. this is what you do, give all the residuals to the people from "gilligan's island" because they
4:11 am
got nothing. and "bewitched" and" the brady bunch." >> steve: even though he was fired, god wants me to be on the show. let's tell you about this, up in rhode island, this lady was look out and she saw this car, this yellow sports car whiz by and these kids vandalized her mailbox. what does she do? calls the cops and they took the description and found the yellow sports car and in it, five boys. well, to reprimand the boys, what the cops did was say, you kids, get outside the car and do 12 pushups. a neighbor videotaped it. they did the pushups, then they were allowed toly. the cops took the names, did not file a criminal report. no police report. none of the parents were called until that video aired on a local tv station. >> brian: i love it. >> gretchen: i love it, too. what's the big whoop? people should be getting a lot more discipline than 12 pushups for vandalizing somebody's
4:12 am
mailbox? how about paying for it, number one? this is what's wrong with society now. we don't have enough discipline. >> brian: and not fit you have as a society. >> steve: we'll have you tell us whether or not it was right. the mayor would like to see the cops suspended. if i was one of the kids and my parents didn't find out and there was no police record and i would never do that again, not bad. >> brian: i would do squat thrusts to avoid that. straight ahead, can republicans help stop america from falling off the fiscal cliff without breaking their pledge to raise taxes? senator james imhoff says there's a way. he's here next o explain how. >> gretchen: buyer, beware. cars damaged in hurricane sandy are now up for sale. but you got to watch out. what you need to know. that one doesn't look so hot. >> brian: there is a tuner in my radiator it's a new day.
4:13 am
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4:16 am
>> brian: clock is ticking as we approach the fiscal cliff. economists say the automatic combo of tax hikes and spending cuts may plunge the country into recession. tax increases on wealthy americans are the big sticking point because of an antitax pledge many republicans signed. but should those same republicans back off the pledge and make a deal? what do the democrats have to do? >> gretchen: jim imhoff joins us live with his thoughts. senator, should republicans back away from the pledge? >> no, gretchen, i don't think so. if you do that, you're assuming that there is no other way to do this and there is many other ways to get this done. i actually introduced a bill long before the election that covers a way to come up with the amount of money, not .1.2 trillion, but 2.7 trillion, and increase spending and the
4:17 am
military. some of these things, like medicare, back to the states. medical malpractice reform, strengthen work force by attrition. i've got the bill and it's there and i want people to look it up. it's senate bill 3473. it solves the problem. we have other ways. whatever happened to the old democrats? remember it was kennedy back in the '60s that said we got to raise more money, more revenue for the great society programs and the bestncrease revenue is to reduce marginal rates. he did it and what happened? he increased the amount of money that came from rates, 94 billion. then along came reagan, same thing. the total amount of money raised by marginal rates in 1980 was 244 billion. at the end of that decade, 466 billion. that was during the decade of the real streamlining of taxes and tax reduction.
4:18 am
so that's the way we can grow it. for every 1% increase in the economic activity, that produces $40 billion new revenue. we've got to get that through their heads. again, that wasn't a republican notion. that was democrat notion. >> brian: senator, i know you're not going to get everything you want and democrats theoretic won't. what do you have to see on the other side to give at all on any of these things? what movement has to be made? >> i'd like to see them try different things. first of all, let's recognize the fact that we had the deficits right now as a result of obama's budget. that's $5.3 trillion. that's in his budget. he signed that. we have a lot of the programs that should be undone. give you an example, we had a democrat president back in the '90s, bill clinton, while we had a republican majority in the house and the senate. we did welfare reform. we put the work back into welfare and it was tremendously successful. we decreased the welfare rolls.
4:19 am
now, obama's reversed that. now we have it's gone up, the food stamp program now gone up from 28 million families to 47 million. that's just one of the things that can be reversed, that got news this mess to start with. >> gretchen: but senator, why does it appear -- and obviously the election was a result of it -- why does it appear that president obama wins the pr campaign on this entire discussion? >> well, gretchen, i represent oklahoma. he hasn't won up there. >> gretchen: but he's winning it acrossment country. >> well, i know, he's a very persuasive person. that doesn't mean that as a member of the united states senate that you have to look at public opinion and say, well, he's going to win this thing. again, i've got 20 kids and grandkids that are depending on me -- >> gretchen: what do republicans need to do to get a better pr message out there to combat? i mean, when you look at the math and what you're talking about, it makes a lot of sense! why is the message not out
4:20 am
there? >> i don't know. maybe we're not as persuasive as obama is perhaps. but in this case, so long as let people know -- that's what i'm doing right now. i'm saying there are other alternatives. this obsession that the president has for tax increases is something that we've got to get around and republicans are going to turn into democrats if we don't. >> brian: thanks so much. we'll look forward to the next few days to see if there will be any movement. this four years than the last four years any difference. thanks very much. coming up, murder mystery in mexico. beauty queen gunned down. who pulled the trigger? >> gretchen: evidence that could have helped convict casey anthony missed? her defense attorney, jose baez knew about it. of course, he didn't bring it up. he joins us live next [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people like you, are choosing advil® because helps you keep doing what you love. no wonder it's america's #1 selling pain reliever.
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4:24 am
>> gretchen: almost 24 minutes past the top of the hour. $211, that's how much the u.s. treasury borrowed per household on black friday after taking thanksgiving off. that increased the u.s. debt by over $24 billion in just one day. that's depressing. next, 2 million. that's how many unemployed americans could lose their benefit at the end of the year if lawmakers allow the programs to expire as scheduled. finally, more than 154,000, that's how many background checks the f.b.i. got for gun buyers on black friday. that's up from last year. steve? >> steve: thanks. the florida sheriff's office admitted sunday the key evidence in the casey anthony murder trial might have been missed. detectives overlooked a google search on the anthony family computer for full proof suffocation that was made the last day two-year-old caylee was seen alive.
4:25 am
so could this bombshell have changed the outcome of the murder case? joining us now to weigh in is casey anthony's lead defense attorney and the author of "presumed guilty," jose baez joins us. thank you for joining us. >> good morning, steve. >> steve: okay. so the way we understand it, the cops took the anthony family computer, looked at it and the investigator just looked at the internet browser, the internet explorer and saw about a dozen, dozen and a half things they made a note of. didn't look into the fire fox browser, which had more than 1200 entries, including the search for full proof suffocation. now h they brought that up, you would think -- that could have made a difference? >> i don't think so. in fact, the actual computer searches and the evidence that results from the computer benefits the defense more than it does the prosecution.
4:26 am
and what's being reported is that they didn't look at the m. >> illa fire fox. that's not true. they printed out the activity, so they knew all of the internet and computer activity throughout the entire day and they did a complete time line. i think, and it is my opinion, that this information was kept from the defense because if -- it destroyed completely the prosecution's time line that casey anthony left at 12:50 that day. that's what is pointing the finger directly at casey, because she was last seen with caylee when she was alive. who was she last seen by? george anthony leaving the house at 12:50. but there is computer activity throughout the day. so the problem that the prosecution had is they can't have their cake and eat it too. she either left the house or someone is lying about the time they saw her alive. >> steve: here is the thing,
4:27 am
jose, for instance, at our house, we use different browsers. i use the foxfire at our house on the big computer and my kids use the internet explorer. at the anthony house, apparently casey used the firefox and the rest of her family used the internet explorer. it was on the firefox where apparently full proof suffocation was google! >> that's not true. in fact, there are other searches that they recovered from the mozilla firefox that was on that computer. so to say well, they didn't search -- they completely forgot there is firefox browser on this computer is completely inaccurate. >> steve: jose, why would somebody, the day that the little girl went missing, why did somebody and who at that house, looked up full proof suffocation? >> you know, that's a great question and that's something i laid out in my book. it really is speculation. you can never put someone behind
4:28 am
a computer and say this person ran this search and did this. that's the biggest thing that forensic experts will tell you. in my bookers i laid out different arguments for both sides and basically say you can argue casey did it, but of course, there is testimony that she left the house. so who did this? i go into the actual profiles to give you a little bit of a better example. >> steve: jose what, if your client would have been the one who did that search? >> well, you know, i don't get into what ifs. there is no indication and i had absolutely nothing from my client that told me she ran those searches. so, you know, i could only go by what the evidence is. she didn't testify in this case. so if it can't be corroborated, it can only be speculated. that's what came out in this case and a lot of speculation. what's being reported about these searches is completely false. these were suicide-related
4:29 am
searches. >> steve: you think her father was thinking about killing himself? >> well, he actually attempted suicide several months later. so, you know, it just calls for nothing but speculation. however, the time line of this case is what's the most important fact. you have computer activity that shows completely the opposite of what the testimony is, then i have to argue. it helps the defense more than anything. >> steve: all right. interesting conversation. jose baez joining us from miami. thank you very much. >> thank you, steve. >> steve: half past the top of the hour. the president wants to you believe that we should let those bush era tax cuts expire to raise more cash. but does the president's math add up? not exactly. we'll show you coming up next. then buyer beware. cars flooded in sandy up for sale and it's the ones that loar perfect that you need to look out for. that as we roll on from new york
4:30 am
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4:33 am
>> well, the post office announces they lost $16 billion this year. they now say they're going to
4:34 am
review their business model. [ laughter ] let me tell you something, okay? if you're losing $16 billion a year, you don't have a business model. okay? you have a going out of business model. it's not a business model. >> steve: they've had that for years. >> brian: right. and i thought the peel away stamp would be their ticket stardom. when you stop licking stamps, i thought for sure the post office would change everything. >> gretchen: yeah. i thought standing in line for hours and hours would finally be the ticket to success. >> brian: that would be a negative, to get an envelope. listen, if we want to raise enough revenue to get the post office in the black again, would we be able to do it by raising taxes on the rich? >> steve: that's the big question. and the answer is yes. let's say that they go ahead and they sunset those bush era tax cuts on the wealthiest people. that would create, what, 82 billion over one year. that would operate the postal service for exactly one year. that's all. >> gretchen: so would people
4:35 am
rather do that or would they rather not get their mail on saturday? wasn't that the other option? >> steve: that was one of the options. >> gretchen: i like to get my mail on sunday, if they could add that. >> brian: my mailman just got used to my dog. i'd hate for him not to be there on weekends. we had a few millionmen that said, i'm just going to leave it at the curb. >> gretchen: why not? my dog is bigger than i am. >> brian: but he's a nice dog. >> steve: the president of the united states ran his election where he said, you know what? we've got a definite sit problem and we can fix everything if we simply end the bush era tax cuts on the wealthiest 1 or 2% of americans. but when you do the math and you look at how much money that would actually create, it would create enough money, sure, to run the post office for a year, but the ent government for 8 1/2 days. so if that only covers 8 1/2 days, what does the federal government, those 8 1/2 days what, does the government do with the other 354 days? >> gretchen: they just tax people for 194 years, because
4:36 am
that's what the math shows us, that it would take 194 years to actually pay off the debt with those particular tax cuts expiring. it's all about messaging, though, folks. that populist message worked, fair share, rich people don't pay their fair share. the is% -- 1%, 99%. republicans need to simplify their messaging like the democrats did so that they can also get their messaging across. they have good messages! >> brian: get a catch phrase that rhymes. >> steve: sure. call frank luntz on that. okay. so the election has been determine. the president of the united states now has another four years. we would only cover 8 1/2 days. >> brian: it's a trophy. that's all it is. a trophy to say i raised it on the rich. we'll find out what's happening with that. meanwhile, maria molina knows what's happening with the weather. i understand winter is here. >> that's right. a little early.
4:37 am
we're going to be seeing snow here in new york city. not just even for us, but even as we head west. it's really west that they'll be looking at the accumulating snowfalls across parts of pennsylvania and even the state of maryland and also portions of the state of west virginia. so the storm system is pretty large. not the snowfall, but also we are looking at rain and thunderstorms as we head southbound across parts of virginia, maryland, and even all the way down in through portions of texas and louisiana. again, very large storm system. but the good news is that it doesn't have a lot of moisture with it. it's pretty weak and it also is going to be moving relatively quickly. by tomorrow, many areas that are seeing the precipitation today will actually start to dry out and be seeing sunshine. behind it it is also going to get colder. do keep that in mind. we have the snow across portion of eastern ohio, pen opinion, and just outside of the new york city area. should start raining and snowing here any minute now. we do have winter weather advisories across pennsylvania, northwestern parts of new jersey, through west virginia. that's why we're expecting
4:38 am
accumulating snowfall, between two to four inches. a look at the future radar. where the storm is going, by 3:00 p.m. tuesday, we're going to continue to see more snowflakes flying around the new york city area and further off towards the south across portion of new jersey. by 9:00 p.m. tuesday, the storm is gone. most areas across northeast pretty dry, boston, you'll continue to see snowflakes. but the worst of it winding down. >> steve: all right. hey, maria, here is a big question: brian and i want to know whether or not we should put our snow tires on the car. >> brian: right. or the chains. >> gretchen: i guess i just won't drive. >> winter is around the corner, right? so you got to winterize your car. >> steve: there you go. all season steel belted radials. >> not because of this storm, though. >> steve: okay. >> gretchen: thanks. the funny thing is, when i live around the country and i still had minnesota license plates when i lived in dallas, people would follow me thinking that i knew what the heck i was doing. >> brian: and? >> gretchen: driving down the road. i'd feel like, hey, i haven't lived there full time since i was 17. don't follow me. i'm not necessarily good in the snow anymore.
4:39 am
>> brian: they probably thought they were talking to fran tarkenton. >> gretchen: let's do headlines. the country's largist organic peanut processor shut down. this comes after a salmonella outbreak that made 41 people sick. for the first time, the f.d.a. used new power grants bid the 011 food safety law and closed the plant in new mexico. it planned to reopen today until the f.d.a. suspended its license. now the company will have a hearing to prove the plant is clean enough. it's actually reopened. >> steve: a mexican beauty queen gunned down in a shootout between drug traffickers and soldiers. police say maria gamez was riding with suspected members of the sinola cartel when they opened fire on soldiers. when the gun battle was over, five people were dead. police say gamez's body was found lying next to an assault rifle, but they don't know if she participated in the shootout. >> brian: cars damaged in super
4:40 am
storm damage with up for sale. what do you need to do to make sure you're not buying a car that was under four feet of water? >> inside, i'm going to go inside and i'm going to pull up the carpet. i'm going to see as much as i can underneath the carpet. even before that, i'm going to smell. does it smell musty inside? are the windows fogged? what you have to look out for is damage to major components like the engine, the transmission, the drive train, fuel power steering and braking systems. >> brian: if you don't suspect anything, they suggest ordering a history report, like car fax and hiring a mechanic to inspect it. >> gretchen: she's following in her mother's modeling footsteps. nicoleanna nicole smith's daugh, the new face of guest kids now. anna nicole appeared in the ads from 1992 to 1993. her daughter's father, larry birkhead, says the photos are more of a tribute to her mom than anything else and that she's not going to be a model. he says her plan is to become a
4:41 am
doctor. a birthday cake baker, or the owner of an ice cream truck. you got to love the imagination of kids, right? >> brian: right. she's working on her college applications now. >> gretchen: i hope so. >> brian: let me tell you what's happening in the world of sports. last night, monday night football, you said, here is a game i can miss. you were right. long time eagles coach is in a lot of trouble. he's had a tough year. his team hasn't won in over two months and he lost his son. lost seven straight games. matchup between him and the panthers. before the season, you thought this would be a great game. it wasn't. in the end, the panthers prevailed on the road. superman, cam newton. reed says he will not resign. basketball last night, where was i? i was at the nets-knicks game. historic game in brooklyn. when a great game. they needed an extra session, but they squared off and in the end, after tying in regulation,
4:42 am
it will be the nets who would beat up on the knicks in overtime by a final score of 96-89. they just flat out ran out of gas. and now baseball. third baseman for the tampa bay rays, longoria, agreed to a new contract. four-year deal -- i'm thinking of the woman -- $100 million. in addition to $36 million deal already in place. this doesn't look good, of course, for the mets in signing david wright. they'll have to pay about the same amount and the mets really can't pay for anything. >> steve: you're review on the new ball yard in brooklyn? >> better than the garden. unbelievably nice and i went to a net game where the knicks were there and there was more net fans than knicks fans. they have an identity. jay-z and i made eye contact a few times. i said, all right. hang in there. and he, well -- >> gretchen: he invited you down? >> brian: not exactly. i looked at him. >> steve: but you could see him?
4:43 am
>> brian: yep. i went yep. keep it up. and beyonce was there. >> gretchen: now you know why you're so on your game today. >> brian: richard gere was on my left. >> gretchen: when you sleep, you always have a better show. >> brian: not only that, i saw geraldo rivera there with arthur idala. >> steve: are you kidding me? >> gretchen: name dropper! >> brian: name dropper? they're on my show. i felt like it's cool. i was able to go in the train and he told me to get on the t train and in 20 minutes i was there. >> gretchen: thanks for inviting steve and myself. >> brian: it was my son's birthday present, which made a lot more sense on his birthday. but sandy hits, it was postponed, so i paid way too much for opening day tickets. >> gretchen: with brian there is always a story. >> steve: it's a birth birthday present. >> brian: right. >> gretchen: you keep the levity in the week. >> steve: straight ahead, a week after hamas rained missiles down on israel, the united nations is about to recognize palestine as a state. that story coming up next.
4:44 am
>> gretchen: then this is the iceberg that took down the titanic and it was taken just two days before the ship went down. the picture, i guess. what it reveals next. have a good night. re you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we stilneed your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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4:47 am
>> steve: time for quick headlines. backed by hamas, the palestinians are reportedly rejecting president obama's appeal to delay the united nations' recognition move. they've submitted a draft resolution to the general assembly to update their status and the vote is set for thursday. and a picture of the world's most infamous iceberg about to go up for auction. that is the only known picture of the iceberg believed to have been hit by the titanic. you know what happened with the titanic. it was snapped by a captain of another ship just two days before the titanic sank.
4:48 am
the photo is expected to fetch $10,000 when it is sold next month. all right. gretch, to you and two special guests. >> gretchen: thanks. our next guest is the owner of the orlando magic. he's not here to talk basketball. instead, he's talking about adoption. november is national adoption month and pat williams is the father of 14 adopted children. he joins us with his biological daughter, karen williams, who is a fantastic singer. she's here because she has put together this beautiful song to honor national adoption month. tell us about it. >> it's a song called "just maybe" that's included on my new record. and it's a personal one for me, obviously, because of my family story. our family story and my record company felt like it was important to include on this record. called "just maybe." it says you just may be the answer to a prayer. you just may be the only heaven some will ever see. that's what adoption is all about. one family saying yes to one child and changing their life
4:49 am
forever. >> gretchen: there are so many kids who need that loving family. pat, i respect you so much as so many millions of other people do because you decided, you and your wife decided to bring 14 children into your life, along with your biological children. why? >> that was a ten-year period, 1983 to 1993. i wish i could tell you there was a huge master plan here, but we just had a hard time saying no. we would hear about these two or these four from the philippines or romania fell open and all of a sudden these orphans are coming out of there. we just said, we can do that. we can take two more. four philippino boys and let's just do it. so that's the only answer i can give you. we never sat down and counted the cost, the $80,000 a year food bills and the one year when 16 were all teen-agers at the same time. >> gretchen: i know. you were probably thinking, what have i done? karen, i want to listen to a bit
4:50 am
of your song because people can find it on youtube and on your cd. here is karen. ♪ >> gretchen: those are the faces of some of the children that need to be up for adoption. there is karen there. i know that you as the oldest biological child, you said that you felt like mommy to all of these kids. >> i was kind of big sister, little mommy. >> gretchen: what's so amazing is that you learned personal responsibility in life and life was not all about you. >> absolutely not. in a family as big as mine, learned responsibility at a very young age and it's really helped me to understand that there is a bigger world out there. it really is not about us. >> gretchen: she went trips. she went to romania to help bring those little girls home. she made a trip to guatemala. you were bouncing around pretty good as a ten-year-old?
4:51 am
>> 12, 10, 11-year-old. it changes your perspective. it makes you more thankful and our parents showed us what it meant to give. >> gretchen: you have an amazing family. only you is the cd. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> gretchen: we'll be back with cheryl casone and jobs [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] woer what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relf ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. maybe you want to incorporate a business. orrotect your family with a will or living trust. and you'd like the help of an attorney. at legalzoom a legal plan attorney is available in most states with every personalized document to answer questions. get started at today. and now you're protected.
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4:54 am
>> brian: 'tis the season, the hiring season. reports show seasonal hiring is at its all-time high. the highest in five years. so to celebrate, we have five companies, let's make that three companie hiring seasonal workers brought to you as alms by fox business channel's finest, cheryl casone. you start off with ups, they need your help? >> we just came on the heels of cyber monday, right?
4:55 am
a biggest cyber monday ever in history. this helps the company like ups. they've got 55,000 seasonal positions open now. they're still going to be hiring, so don't think you can't apply. go to they ship 527 million packages between thanksgiving and christmas. their busiest day will be actually thursday, december 20. in particular they got the retail stores. if you don't want to work in shipping, warehouse side of it, they've got the ups retail stores which will be very busy as well. >> brian: they pay 8.50 an hour? >> it's the average salary. you can be a package sorter, driver's helper, unload the trucks. and again, think about the retail stores. >> brian: let's talk about sterling jewelers. >> they own kay jewelers and own jarrod. part-time jobs and full time positions that are available right now. they like to promote within. you don't need to know anything about jewelry. they can actually train you. you can learn about the cut, color, clarity of the diamond. i'm not sure how i know that.
4:56 am
benefits include base pay commission. if you go full time with this company, there is 401(k), there is medical. this is dental. don't scoff at a mole job, if you will, because it can offer you health insurance. >> brian: this does not surprise me. >> amazon, number one visited site, on black friday of the top five web sites and again, yesterday for cyber monday. very busy year for amazon. they've got different types of jobs available, distribution, packing, shipping, things like that. they've got 50,000 seasonal jobs that are open as well. they're going to be hiring through december. again, don't think that the jobs are already lost as far as this company and overall, we're seeing 30% more retail job hiring this year versus last year. it really is the best in five years. >> brian: honey baked ham and target, two others. we look forward to talking to you next week.
4:57 am
coming up, republicans are about to ruin christmas. that's what president obama wants you to believe. laura ingraham will have more on this at the top of the hour. then your e-mails are pouring in. police make a group of team vandals do pushups. is that too mean or too right toe a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant what starts with adding a friend... ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfection. for their annual football trip. that's double miles you can actually use. tragically, their ddy got sacked by blackouts. but it's our tradition! that's roughing the card holder. but with the capital one venture card
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is a thrilling, dual-flavored ride to mouth fun-town. but it's not like everyone is going to break into a karaoke jam session. ♪ this will literally probably never happen. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is tuesday, november 27, 2012. each gretchen carlson. i hope you're going to have a great day. thanks for spending part of it with us today. it's a moment they've been asking for and it's happening in about an hour. republican senators get a sit down with u.n. ambassador from the united states, susan rice. why she called this meeting, coming up. >> steve: boys, drop and give me 20. cops make a group of teenage vandals allegedly do pushups. that part we know for sure. but some say that's just too mean. or was it not enough? your e-mail pour not guilty on that one. >> brian: honey, where is the
5:01 am
car? it turns out one sex, one gender is better at finding where the car is parked than the other gender. is it men? is it women? "fox & friends" starts now. >> gretchen: i love how you tried to bait me on that. >> brian: why? >> gretchen: was it men? was it women? >> brian: i know. >> steve: good tease. >> brian: i just left the pause out there. either one of you could have chose to pause. instead, i sensed silence. >> steve: we are broadcast professionals. we know we want people to watch the balance of the hour. >> gretchen: let's kick off with headlines. here is an amazing plot twist. was yasser arafat poisoned? palestinian authorities, they say yep. so while you were sleeping, they opened up his grave. they took samples from his remains. it all started before dawn in the west bank city of ramallah under the cover of those huge sheets that you see there. a few hours later, his grave was
5:02 am
closed back up. i don't think i'd want that job. there has been persistent speculation in the arab world that israel actually poisoned the 75-year-old leader. israel denies that claim. a spoon full of medicine washed down with grapefruit juice can kill you. a study revealing there are more drugs to watch out for. the list growing from 17 medicines to 43 that you need to be on the lookout for. on it, the drug known by the brand name lipitor. the problem is that there is a chemical in the grapefruit that messes up how your body breaks down the drug. the chemical can basically cause a drugover dose. so be careful. greece about to enter its sixth year of recession. what's the solution? more bailout money! the cash strapped country just struck $57.8 billion deal to keep it from defaulting on its debt. the bailout money will be released immediately. greece's three main creditors agreeing the country has made
5:03 am
serious reforms and shown progress in improving its bottom line. i wonder if that means all that rioting will stop now. take a look at this. teens punished with pushups in rhode island after they were busted for messing up a mailbox. the north providence police chief says the four officers are under investigation now. what do you think? here is what our viewer high school to say about this story. tracy from orange, texas says 12 pushups is not enough. the car needs to be taken away, community service, ten hours a week. pay to replace the mail post and apologize for being stupid. alyssa says, if they are caught again, they should be arrested. nice that it always is the police accused of wrongdoing and the wrong doers are misunderstood. and captain g from illinois says as a retired army officer, i hold with the philosophy that if we can't make them smart, make them strong. those are your headlines. >> steve: i'm just amazed that kids could do 12 pushups these
5:04 am
days. meanwhile, week before we fall off the fiscal cliff at the conclusion of this year, lawmakers in washington are reaching out to the people who actually run businesses for help. molly henneberg joins us live from the white house today to tell us about the meeting at casablanca. >> good morning. any president has the bully pulpit and president obama intends to use it more and more, the white house says, to get across his message, his solution on the fiscal cliff. so today he will meet with small business owners here at the white house. tomorrow he will meet with middle class americans. and on friday, he'll make the public case for extending tax cuts on the middle class and raising taxes on families making more than $250,000 when he visits a business in pen opinion. the president's press secretary says on this highly charged issue, quote, public communication is essential. >> some of the lessons that we learned over the last four years have to do with always being mindful of the fact that engaging the public on these
5:05 am
sometimes chewy policy debates is important because they care and they have a deep stake in the outcome of the debate. so we'll continue to do that. >> carney also says the president strongly opposes extending tax cuts for families making over $250,000. he says that's the president's, quote, firm position. democrats are standing with him on that. while republicans are asking what is the president ready to compromise on? >> so we'll continue to wait on the president, hope that he has what it takes to bring people together and forge a compromise. if he does, we'll get there. and if he doesn't, we won't. it's that simple. >> the senate has spoken. president obama has spoken. he's promised he will not sign any bill that mortgages our future to pay for handouts to the wealthiest 2% of americans. >> house republican speaker john boehner says the gop is looking for a deal that cuts spending and closes tax loopholes and
5:06 am
some deductions rather than raising tax rates. back to you guys in new york. >> steve: all right. north lawn of the white house, thank you. >> gretchen: see how we all got the blue memo? we all look so nice together. she had on a blue scarf. >> brian: the question is, what is laura ingraham wearing. >> steve: i know one way to find out. >> gretchen: oh, yellow. hail to sweden. >> steve: how are you? >> hey, guys. nice to see you. >> steve: what did you make of this, the white house is saying unless the republicans roll over and do everything that the white house wants with this fiscal cliff at the conclusion of the year, you mean old republicans will ruin christmas economically for the country? >> yeah. it's the gop who stole christmas. who is going to be narrating this? who will play the dog with the fake antlers? it seems we've seen this special before. the sky is always falling when president obama wants to cram down legislation or initiatives without real debate and without
5:07 am
true compromise and working together. remember during the health care debate we were all talking about how, well, if you don't agree to this, premiums are going to go up. and doctors are going to leave the profession and health care will continue to skyrocket. well, they jammed through health care, premiums are going up, doctors are leaving the profession, and people are still incredibly uneasy and anxiety ridden about this. they said the same thing about stimulus, if we didn't pass it. they said the same thing about tarp one. here is my question for these wobbly republicans and democrats who tell us the sky is falling: where have they been for the last two years? the american people have been waiting for two years to have common sense action. i'm so tired of obama putting a gun to the head of the american people and then republicans just saying, oh, what are we going to do? they're all wilting and running around. >> gretchen: you're thinking exactly as i'm thinking this morning. why, why, why, why, has so much time been wasted? i find it amazing that the republicans are now going to sit
5:08 am
down with erskine bowles today. he came up with the debt commission two years ago! we've wasted all this time and i think it's one of the reasons why congress' rate of approval is below 10%. >> yeah. and gretchen, that's exactly right. i think at a time like this, we have to start asking foundational questions. fundamental questions. leadership. what does it mean? is it leadership to do this whole razzle dazzle act and bring the ceo's in and then we're going to community organize for tax increases. we're going to do rallies and we're going to force the republicans' hand and then claim well, the american people are with us. that's not leadership. leadership is when you have the time to deliberately go through the issues in a serious and mature manner, you do so. even if an election is on the line. even if everybody is watching, even if it's not behind closed doors. once again, i think at the end of the day, the american people are going to get the short end of this stick because they won't see what the negotiations really were. and they'll be told on christmas
5:09 am
eve oh, all parties have come together of the we'll have a foe foe op and we're all supposed to be happy and i would say we should look very carefully about the republican who are willing to cave on first principles without having a single sub tantive discussion on what's really on the line. i find it appalling. >> brian: you know what i find different this time? in the "new york times," they list all the democrats who have no interest in revamping any entitlements. >> of course not. not why should they? >> brian: by the way, i'm noticing what's coming up. i'm just wondering, is this the first time the president could be running into head winds with his own party? could they be to the left of the president? >> well, i moon, that will just make him look good, right? i think this is all well choreographed. i would be surprised if they hadn't consulted with steven spielberg before this whole act was played out before the american people.
5:10 am
oh, the left will say, we're not going to touch this and the president will say, for the good of the country, we need to at least discuss some beginnings of changes. he'll look good. >> gretchen: are we selling republicans short here? >> oh, us? no. >> gretchen: wait, wait. just because some of them have come out and said, maybe we don't agree with grover norquist's pledge anymore. maybe we should get rid of some of these deductions to try and increase some revenues, i mean, isn't that a way of coming to the table? it doesn't mean that they're going to give away everything. they'd be stupid to give away everything unless democrats also agree to cut spending. >> gretchen, may i say, if we go to our negotiations for anything, do you start by saying, a pay cut? i want to start there. i want a pay cut. i don't really want a 401(k) and -- >> gretchen: you try lot of other things. >> you know what i mean? you start by saying, this is a serious issue facing this country. we want to do talk about it for
5:11 am
months. i'm glad the president wants to sit down. we want to do it so all of americans can watch this play out. all these discussions. you don't start like handing over things to the democrats. i think mitch mcconnell, you are right, mitch mcconnell, i think a lot of republicans out there want to throw everyone in leadership over the bow. but he's actually been in an adult in the room and he said consistentsly, look, mr. president, come to capitol hill. let's talk. they've been saying this to the president for well over a year now. and i think he's actually -- he seems to be holding a line, but republicans should look forward to a 2014 wipeout if they compromise without getting some real verifiable cuts and i just don't see those coming. >> steve: we should know within the month. meanwhile, later on today, it looks like up on capitol hill susan rice would like to be our secretary of state, is going to sit down with john mccain, lindsey graham, and senator ayotte as well. these are the three people who have said, you know, she really shouldn't be secretary of state. she's going up there 'cause
5:12 am
there is some tough talk and she's trying to sell herself. >> we were just talk being this great big press conference that ayotte and mccain and graham had, they rushed out to the cameras and they talked at it we somebody in the secretary of state who would tell the truth to the american people. and now again, the first sign of trouble, the first sign that the white house was going to stand firm and the president stuck his chest out and said, come after me, well, now it looks like susan rice will have a smooth sailing. >> gretchen: exactly. >> -- to become secretary of state. i think the american people watch this, they don't know what to think about these republicans. my twitter feed this morning for a lot of reasons is blowing up. i'm gog have a big announcement on twitter later today. but blowing up. people are saying, look, i'm done with the republican party for the time being. until they show me that they can lead when the going gets tough, then i'm just tuning them out. >> gretchen: they already changed their message. on the sunday talk shows,
5:13 am
mccain started changing his message like maybe she might be okay. she was smart to set up this meeting with them because -- >> of course, she's smart, yeah. think about it, for susan rice to have been sent out that sunday, she knew she didn't know anything. she knew she had talking points, but she must have known, that's kind of odd, you know. i'm not really involved in benghazi. that's not really my per view, but i'm going to go out. it doesn't pass the straight face test. is she the most important player in this? no. of course not. is she significant? yes. and i say for all those people who are going to be sent out by presidents to tell a story to the american people, if susan rice didn't get confirmed, that would be quite a powerful message. >> steve: she's going to do her selling today and it's good the three senators will sit down and hear her side of the story behind closed doors. let's see if it changes any minds. >> go to my web site. >> steve: i follow you. >> thank you. >> brian: you have a big announcement today? >> yes, i do. >> brian: okay. we'll be twitter side. >> steve: straight ahead, americans don't want them, but
5:14 am
they still build -- they're still going to build them. why the government is ordering one of america's biggest car makers to make cars that nobody wants. >> gretchen: you know him from "goodtheres," but there is a lot you don't know about ray liota [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes!
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nespresso. where i never have to compromise on anything. ♪ where just one touch creates the perfect coffee. where every cappuccino and latte is only made with fresh milk. and where the staff is exceptionally friendly. ♪ nespresso. what else?
5:17 am
>> brian: american car maker has a bold new business plan of the make cars that will actually lose money. yep. why would they do such a thing, you ask? well, the government may have something to do with that. steve motley is the president of less what's happening with the electric car and how is that playing into what gm and chrysler are doing? >> there is two things. one, we need to know is all levels of government have spent $6.5 billion since 2008 on subsidies for electric cars, plug in cars, hybrids, et cetera. the total market share of plug-in cars after ten years on
5:18 am
the market is .65%. just over is one half of 1%. why do they continue to press forward? one, you have gm and chrysler who are bailout recipients. two, you have california and ten other states that are mandating that you can't sell cars in our state at all unless you have zero emission cars as an increasing part of your fleet for sale. so these companies are being forced to build cars that make no money, that lose the money to meet the mandates of these states. i want to point something out. chevy volt already cost $89,000 for gm to make. that's after three-plus billion dollars of just federal subsidies and they sell them for 40,000. so they already lose 49 grand on each volt they sell. this is not a new business model per se. but a very dumb one that we're expanding because of these states. >> brian: chrysler will roll out their own. nissan is backing off. toyota is backing off. we know they went to hibernation
5:19 am
on the volt. chrysler is rolling it out, but ten states are mandating plug-in vehicle, clean running vehicles like this? >> 11. california and ten others. maryland, new jersey, yes. they're mandating zero emission cars be an increasing part of their fleet or you can't sell your cars in the state. now, small states like new jersey and maryland, not so much. but when a state as big as california, which is 10% of the u.s. market says you need to have these cars, it's a serious impediment for companies and they may be forced to make stupid cars that lose them money just to get in the california market. >> brian: it's unbelievable. we'll watch this. america is saying, we don't like the electric car. we don't like this type of electric car. but we're still getting it jammed down our throats. thanks so much. >> it's genius. thank you very much. >> brian: i sense the sarcasm. remember this guy, the governor of rhode island, took the christmas out of tree last year? well, he just went one step further. why is he smiling then? and you know him from
5:20 am
"goodfellows" at first. there is a lot you don't know about ray liota. he is in the hot seat next, one of the horsetailented actors in the world ideas at huge savings during our cyber week sale at check in every day for amazing web buster specials. plus, get free shipping on orders of $75 or more. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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5:23 am
>> gretchen: 23 minutes after the top of the hour. a couple head lionels. staffer at the nassau county police department is going to take the blame for using shredded documents as confetti during the macy's parade. people noticed it had things like social security numbers on them. other confidential information regarding mitt romney's motorcade when he came to the
5:24 am
debate in new york. oops. remember this christmas classic? ♪ alleluia ♪ . >> gretchen: i got to break this one up. the grace worlds are back. this time they're wearing different clothes. yes. 2012. they got to step it up a notch. >> steve: can you imagine their light bill? meanwhile, his memorable performance as mobster turned f.b.i. informant henry hill helped turn "goodfellows" into a hollywood classic. >> brian: he now plays a man who gets robbed in this film. watch and then we'll talk to him. >> you know they're going to kill you. you know that, don't you?
5:25 am
that doesn't have to happen. it shouldn't happen to you. you should just put the gun down. turn around and walk out the front door. i'll take care of your friend. >> gretchen: wow! >> brian: tell me what happens. >> people think that i'm in the bathtub there. it was in a bar and i was behind something. they're going to show the scene that you're in the bathtub. >> gretchen: you play like that you're a mob guy, scary guy n this one i'm a nice guy. >> gretchen: that's a nice guy? >> yeah. i'm a nice bad guy. >> brian: you're trying to talk him away from shooting you and stealing and robbing from you. >> yeah. >> gretchen: how did you get -- i don't want to say typecast, but you play this role so great. what is it about the drama inside of you? >> i don't know. i've never been in the fight, so it is kind of funny to me. but i guess 'cause the first
5:26 am
movie i did, i played someone kind of edgy. but that's okay. it's working. like i was telling you before, i played a preacher in a movie. "godfellows." >> brian: how do you prepare for that? do you sit in on confessions with real priests? >> no, but i went to a lot of churches and watched lots of sermons and started reading the bible and i really got into reading the bible. it's like it's really interesting. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: it could be the best book in the world. did you read revelations? so actually the preacher role what, kind of preacher are you going to be? >> just christian. nondenominational. >> steve: in the new movie that opens on friday, you are in the movie with brad pitt, james gandolfini and you do play another mobster, low level, but kind of a mobster who has got good in his heart. >> i'm not sure they're like mobsters, like mafia, but there
5:27 am
is a bunch of bad guys. i run a card game that i once stole the money from and then so someone thinks, you know what? if we rob the card game again, they're going to think it's marky, my character. but this time it's not. and so brad pitt comes in because they have to get rid of me because they think i did it. it's couched around the economic crisis in 2004 and i guess even mobsters need money. >> steve: a metaphor for wall street. >> yeah. >> steve: when you're making the movie with brad pitt, is angelina and the kids there? >> they might have been. i didn't see them. >> gretchen: are you a good poker player in real life? >> no. i like doing it and we shot it in new orleans and right across the street was -- there is a casino, jara's. there were professional players. i was in there a lot. >> steve: method gambling. >> exactly. >> brian: and ray, did you watch the movie back yet? >> did i watch this back? yeah. >> brian: what did you think?
5:28 am
>> it's really good. brad is great. all of them. and it's funny. some really funny parts in it. >> brian: steve thinks brad pitt is overrated. >> you do? he's a really good actor. i think his personal stuff just gets in the way of what a good actor he is. >> steve: there the two of you are. it opens on friday "killing them softly." a real pleasure. >> thank you. >> steve: would you like to do another tease? [ laughter ] >> gretchen: we'll do it instead because coming up on "fox & friends," the president personally promised to help this woman in the wake of super storm sandy. but the business owner says it was an empty embrace? hear from her coming up next. >> steve: then one gender is better at finding the car in the parking lot. is it men or is it women? ray? >> gretchen: what do you think? >> probably a woman. >> brian: oh, no way. >> steve: stick around. find out. >> gretchen: i knew i liked you [ both ] people loved our wedding slide show.
5:29 am
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5:32 am
>> americans spent $59 billion shopping over thanksgiving weekend. $59 billion. [ cheers and applause ] oh, yeah. now china is going, hey, we thought you were broke! where is our money!
5:33 am
what is that all about? >> brian: they make our stuff, so at least we're buying the stuff they make over here. >> steve: and speak of chew n guess who is buying america's houses? china. so says william lajeunesse, already up at 5:32 in the morning in los angeles where it looks sunshiny already out there, william. >> yeah. the market is definitely bottomed in most areas. some areas are on fire and foreign investment is providing the fuel. with latin americans big in florida, mexican buyers big in texas, canadians and in california. high end homes are just moving very quickly in some areas. the national oh, of realtors, nonamerican buyers, they say, accounted for 82 billion in home sales last year. that's up 25%. within 7 billion is from the chinese. the second largest foreign buyers africa madians. they're buying high end multi million dollar homes from california to new york and
5:34 am
paying cash. some homes are designed for chinese buyers in mind. >> people from china do a lot more business in their homes. and so they want their homes to really scream that they made it and they're successful. >> it's been fantastic for the u.s. housing market because we have not suffered as other communities have. in fact, our property values increased. >> 40% of homes bought by the chinese are for investments. especially in states hard hit by foreclosures like nevada and florida. some buying, these guys are getting two and three homes at a time, mainland china has almost a million millionaires and half say they want to invest in the u.s. >> it's a sign of their status, you know. you can show off to your friends
5:35 am
or family that i can buy something overseas. not everybody can do it. >> the chinese like the u.s. because they get more bang for their buck. 2 nill in shanghai will get awe condo, two bedroom. they're investing a lot in the commercial. $2 billion last year. that's quadruple several years ago. back to you inform good way to make money. live in the city of angel, thank you very much. >> brian: the realtors get commission. now the rest of your headlines. >> gretchen: the powerball jackpot could get bigger than the 425 million on the billboards right now. there has been a big frenzy of ticket sales since sunday and lottery officials are considering boosting the jackpot. they'll look at current and estimated ticket sales to make the decision today. don't forget, the drawing is tomorrow night. >> steve: meanwhile, remember this guy right here who looks an awful lot like me is it that is governor lincoln chafee of the great state of rhode island. he triggered a controversy last year when he decided to call the
5:36 am
state's christmas tree a holiday tree. we talked about it on the program. his office was flooded with thousands of phone calls protesting the name change and, well, he's at it again. now he's pulling the plug on the entire christmas tree lighting ceremony. there is speculation he cancel the event to avoid any more controversy after last year's mess. >> brian: he's biting the hand that fed him millions of dollars. i'm talking about angus jones. you never heard of him? yes, you have. he plays jake on "two and a half men." he's telling people not to watch his show because it's filth. >> "two and a half men," if you watch "two and a half men," please don't watch "two and a half men." i don't want to be on it. please stop watching it. please stop filling your head with filth. >> brian: you stop cashing your checks and don't make $8 million a year and then tell us not to watch your show. how mad would you be if you're the producers of this show? i digress. >> steve: steamed. >> brian: the 19-year-old talked about his religious awakening in this video and said, no god
5:37 am
fearing person could be on a tv show like that. but he says he wants to be fired now that it's in his last season, but he's still cashing his check worth 3550 -- $350,000 a week. >> steve: brilliant. >> gretchen: they've had a few problems with that show, right? >> brian: i have not heard of this. what do you mean? >> gretchen: starts with a cs. >> steve: are you not familiar. >> gretchen: he seems to be so legitimate. we've all been there after some shopping, we walk out to the parking lot and we can't find our car. but who is better at finding it? men, women or kids? according to a new study, it's men. that's because men typically use distance to get their bearings and are better at estimating the distance to their parked car. directions are a whole nother matter. >> brian: after shopping, it's the thing we look forward to most. going home. >> gretchen: me, too, actually. more women apparently use the
5:38 am
landmarks, so the study says. now this can make the ladies feel better because both men and women admit to having a hard time finding their cars. i want to know how many billions of dollars intent on that stupid study. >> brian: no, i find that -- >> steve: we know the answer. >> gretchen: who cares? >> brian: i think there is people out there who want something to argue about today. >> steve: we just gave it to them. new video just in of the snow already starting to fall in pennsylvania. >> brian: just on that one car. >> steve: it's also falling in new jersey. it's falling at chris chulo's house. the storm is coming from the midwest. it's expected to make this morning's commute a mess for people in the mid atlantic and northeast. for more, let's go to maria molina in the weather center. good morning. >> hey, good morning. good to see you. that's right. we're already seeing that snow and the rain coming down across portions of the northeast, including right here in new york city. people taking out their umbrellas. we don't have snow being reported yet in and out of the airports. but you can see some of that across portions of times square,
5:39 am
across midtown manhattan. so any moment now we're going to continue to see that rain spreading eastward along with that snow and we're going to see the airports possibly being delayed or flights possibly being delayed at the airports because of the precipitation. it's a large storm system. it stretches across portion of new england with some snowfall and further off towards the south across portions of louisiana and texas with some thunderstorms that are rolling on through portions of the south. the snowfall is not forecast to be very heavy. we're just forecasting between two to four inches of snow. coastal areas, you're not going to be seeing that snow sticking to the ground and you're going to be seeing a bit more of that mix along the roadways. we have winter weather advisories in effect across parts of pennsylvania, northwestern new jersey and through portions of the state of west virginia. that's really where we're expecting that accumulation of two to four inches. higher elevations could be seeing more snowfall, accumulating up to six inches. look at the future radar. the storm system is a quick mover. by tonight, most of the area is across northeast should be relatively quiet.
5:40 am
boston, still seeing a couple of snowflakes. >> steve: a little taste of snow. thank you very much. as advertised, here is chris chow low, his backyard. their home in new york. >> brian: nice house there. >> steve: that's the barn. that's the shed where -- >> gretchen: chris sleeps when he's in trouble. >> steve: i think that's great you're decorating the barn. >> gretchen: that is so cute, chris! >> brian: that's a nice railing. >> gretchen: how did you get all that done already? >> brian: that's when you -- where you keep the sheep and the cows? >> absolutely. >> steve: thank you, chris. >> no problem. >> brian: keep us updated on your house. >> no problem. i'll give a shot of the front yard next time. >> steve: talk to your wife, not us. there are still people in the new york city area who still do not have electricity. and we heard from the governor of the great state of new york yesterday say that the cost of this particular super storm exceeds the cost of katrina in dollars. >> brian: you talk about
5:41 am
residents, that's one challenge. what about businesses? people that live in business and try to live off their business? donna is being hugged by the president and has a inry in a that was destroyed. and guess what the insurance said? we only covered water that comes down. not that comes up. she asked the president for help. she joined us earlier. she's really disheartened. >> i was very excited and felt warm by the embrace thinking this is really going to happen. i'm going to get the help i need because he promised that. and it's been almost a month now and i've gotten no help and gotten nothing but no, you're not covered for this. no, you're not covered for that. and it's because of the way the storm hit and the water rising that i'm not covered for any contents in the entire business. i expected, when i was introduced to director of fema and the president told him to get me immediate help, i thought i was getting help from fema itself. not that i would have to go get a loan. and it's just greatly affected
5:42 am
so many people. >> brian: the loan is over 4%. it doesn't make sense for her to get it. fema is supposed to offer lower. one of the main people in businesses, over 200,000 people have their businesses on hold because of this. >> steve: we always hear about people and their circumstances during the photo op. but afterwards, as we married from her, not so good for her. >> gretchen: hopefully somebody saw that interview this morning and she's going to get some help today, would be nice. coming up, evidence that could have helped convict casey anthony missed. her defense attorney was just here. he knew about it. yeah, but why would he tell anyone? he was defending her. peter johnson, jr. on the case next. >> brian: then the most incredible video you'll see all day. this little boy running across the screen away from that out of control car i've been taking a multivitamin for years. centrum silver.
5:43 am
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>> brian: time for headlines: a taliban story, they tried it kill a pakinstani journalist. why? they planted a bomb under his car. he was targeted because the taliban thought he should have covered the shooting of a 15-year-old girl a little differently. she was promoting education. the bomb was defused before it could go off. take a look at this close call. a car crashing through a jewelry store just seconds after a toddler walked by. the toddler's brother jumped over the cases to pull him to safety. everyone is okay. let's go upstairs to talk to peter johnson, jr. and steve doocy. i'm going to sit here and watch. >> steve: stand by. thank you. does the bombshell discovery that investigators overlooked a computer search for full proof suffocation in the casey anthony case change her fate? the defense knew about it. but kept it secret during their
5:47 am
trial. let's talk to fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. >> yeah. how are you? that was a great interview this morning. sometimes defense lawyers who won their cases should keep their mouth shut and not write books because now the more we think about it, the more we think and a lot of americans think that yeah, maybe the jury got it wrong. in fact, she obviously was guilty and so now jose baez is spinning on your show and you asked very skillful questioning, said well, it really wouldn't have mattered. it would have been a bad thing for the prosecution and it would have helped us. the truth is, mr. baez revealed this fact, said somehow this full proof suffocation on the mozilla firefox google search was overlooked by the sheriff's office and not given to the prosecution. the prosecution concedes that they didn't have it. but now mr. baez is somehow spinning that withle, they did have it but didn't use it because it would have shown that
5:48 am
george anthony was really responsible. let's look. >> steve: we got the sound bite. here he is. >> what's being reported is that they didn't look at the mozilla firefox, when in fact that's not true. they scanned the entire computer and printed out a scan of the activity, so they knew all of the internet and computer activity throughout the entire day. i think, and it is my opinion, that this information was kept from the defense because if -- it destroyed completely the prosecution's time line that casey anthony left at 12:50 that day. >> steve: okay. so he says that the prosecution did know. but had the known that somebody in that house, the day the baby went missing googled full proof suffocation, that would have made a difference. >> yeah. it would have made a difference. there is always reasonable doubt. but i think the garbage at some point has to stop of the he had a lawyer's win. he won the case. i was one of the few lawyers who thought he tried a great case.
5:49 am
but at some point, at some point you stop talking about yourself and how good you were and not having evidence go forward or how the other side screwed up, or maybe that george anthony was really responsible. the tragedy shouldn't go on and on and on and on and on. it's not about a lawyer's win. it's about justice. and obviously based on this, i don't think justice was done in this case. full proof suffocation? it doesn't come in? >> steve: folks in tv land, e-mail us. >> enough of this. >> steve: if you were on the jury, would that have changed your mind? >> it would have changed my mind. >> steve: thank you very much. next up, take a look at this picture. that is marlon brandorgeating made up for "the godfather." first, let's check in with bill hemmer for a preview of what happens on the channel in ten minutes. >> that's when he was in a good mood clearly. >> steve: preorange slices.
5:50 am
>> right on. good morning. he is the most talked about man in washington. he's on our show today. if you have not listened to grover norquist on the tax pledge you will today when he joins us live. senator bob corker has a plan e. says it's been on the table for two years. we'll talk to him and talk to the democratic house leader. where are they willing to concede? the middle east is a mess and ambassador john bolton on what's happening in egypt today that you need to know. martha and i will see new ten minutes know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. when we got married. what's the rush? i had three kids. and she became the full time mother of three. it was soccer, and ballet, and cheerleading, and baseball. those years were crazy. so, as we go into this next phase, you know, a big part of it for us is that
5:51 am
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>> gretchen: imagine being a witness to history or being ahow loued into the personal lives of hallelujah's biggest stars. for one photographer, that was his reality. there is no doubt you're going to recognize his photos. they're amazing. joining me with pictures you've never seen before, author of the new book "then and now," photographer steve shapiro.
5:54 am
what an honor. this book is so fabulous. i want to start with the most famous man in the entire world, mohammed ali. this photo here, explain who the little girl is that he is meeting there. >> it's really funny. i got this letter from lonnie ali in february. she said she had a photograph of her taken on the side with mohammed ali. then she found out that i had taken the picture. we had never spoken and suddenly we looked through the things and we found this picture of her, which is the absolute first time she ever met mohammed. she was 6 1/2 years old. he was 21. if you look at the picture, their eyes are absolutely locked on each other. >> gretchen: they ended up marrying? >> they ended up marrying and they're still married today. >> gretchen: that is an amazing story. i want to move on to marlin brando. >> the first time i met him, i heard he was in bad health. i came down to the set where he was working on, there was this
5:55 am
old man with his old coat and hat. i figured, oh, my god. when i recognized it was brando i said it's true. he really is not in good health. suddenly he looked into the crowd of people and this electricity shot out of his eyes. and he said in perfect on the waterfall broke, i think somebody is there with a camera. he was 47 years old. look at him. this is from a make-up shot when he was just fooling around. >> gretchen: wow. robert wagner, natalie wood. you were on the boat? >> i was on the splendor. this is a few years before, but it was the same route to catalina, which is a place they really liked to go to. they got along absolutely fine at that time. i know there is a lot of controversy. but basically they were both delightful and they were really have i strong in terms of their kids and how they brought them up. bobby deniro in "taxi driver," jody foster. >> bobby deniro is an incredible actor in the sense he
5:56 am
plays a part internally and externally. he becomes the person. when offscreen, while we were making this movie, he maintained that same pose, that same attitude throughout it. incredible actor and jody, too. jody was 12 years old. she played like a really -- an actress who had been around forever. >> gretchen: she looks a lot older than 12. paul newman on the beach in miami. >> paul newman was directing a film, but he also made sure that it was near a place where he could race his cars. i really like this picture. i think he looks really good in it. he was an amazing guy, everyone loved him. everyone drank beer with him. >> gretchen: wow. maybe they ate some of his spaghetti sauce. what a gorgeous photo that is. all right. a chevy chase story coming up with steve shapiro right after the break [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- what starts with adding a friend...
5:57 am
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